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A Fruitastic Murder of Sanity

The Journal of a Frubunny

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Hihi. My name is April but online I mainly go by the name Tamao, or any variation of that (Tammi, Tam-Tam, Mao-Mao... etc..) So call me whatever you like~

I love love love anime (and manga, it's a close second but I generally prefer watching things) and it's taken over the majority of my life. At least, most of it. You could say art is my life. But not that fine art paintery stuff or "modern art", I don't really work that way ]: I mean I can do realism, but abstracty things are a bit difficult. I'm an aspiring cartoonist and have been working on comics/manga for many years, since I was small. I also want to go into animation, because I love drawing movement and facial expressions. Creating characters and stories is also my life 8D So now I'm enrolled at the Savannah College of Art and Design (which is SUCKING MY MONEY DRY D: ) and am planning to do the suicidal double-major of Animation and Sequential Art :'D

Disney is another one of my big loves and is starting to become a huuuge influence on my art, as well as many other animated films (by Don Bluth especially). I hope to work for them someday, but even moreso I'd love to have my own animation studio :]

I also love video games. Haven't played em as much recently but it's great for relaxing. RPG's are my preference but a good fighting game once in a while is great too. Chrono Cross is my favorite game EVER, just fyi. And Pokemon will always be my love <3

I am NOT a KAWAIIDESUWEABOOJAPANLOVER!!!111, but I DO adore the street fashion there. I love the lolita fashion especially, and while I really do like sweet I'm falling into classic and gothic when it comes to dressing up. I also like dressing uniquely in general, putting together outfits has become a bit of a hobby for me. I wish I could go into fashion design but thanks to double-majoring, HA not happening... plus I think my strength is more in coordinating outfits than strictly designing them, not that I don't enjoy both. And this is coming from a girl who used to DESPISE clothes-shopping! Now I love it :B
I also love costumes. So obviously cosplaying anime and video game characters is another hobby I enjoy.

I'm weird, to say the least. I'm usually shy and very, very quiet and first, but after getting to know me, I'm another person... which probably isn't that off for most but eh, it's a pretty drastic difference for me. I'm boyish on the inside, and have come to be very girlish on the exterior. I'm extreeemmely hard-working, honestly workaholic is the only way to describe it, and I come off as very nice but I can be the most hateful person in the world when it gets down to it. I also love being a kid. Yaaayyyyyy~

And uhm, that's generally it I guess.

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